Why Have Professional Photos

They're not for you... They're for your children

The MAIN reason that www.cherubs.photos exists is due to the personal experience of our principle photographer, Kate Cooper FMPA FBIPP QEP (read all about her here).

As an adult, Kate would've loved to see photos of herself as a baby together with her mum... but they didn't exist. And there's no way of going back to create them now.
So, after spending years learning how to photograph subjects to make them look their absolute best, Kate turned her attention to babies, and made it her mission to create future family heirlooms for all her clients.
With minimal use of props, and using simple, but elegant, lighting techniques, Kate produces images that will stand the test of time. Photos that your baby will look back on when he or she reaches adulthood, and treasure forever.

Read more about Kate's exclusive "Me and My Family" portrait experience here.

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About Us

Creating future family heirlooms

The photos aren't really for you!

They're for your baby... when they're adults.

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